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Session Results 2011

Page history last edited by Kjell Lauren 13 years, 1 month ago

Session notes and results are also found on AgileInc On-The-Road, updates done by Marko Seikola (@mseikola) and Kjell Lauren (@klauren69). Feel free to read and comment over there as well.


Another good summary of the ACCDE11 is found here: http://sebsonconferences.tumblr.com/post/6701436969/agile-coach-camp written by @da_chrisch


Summary by Ralph Miarka: Summarized my time at #accde11 and the session on the roles of agile coaches and how to handle the switching http://www.miarka.com/2011/06/agile-coach-camp-germany-2011/


Summary by Wolfgang Wiedenroth: http://www.agilemanic.com/agile/agile-coach-camp-germany-2011/

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Rob van Lanen said

at 12:51 am on Jun 19, 2011

Here's some reference material regarding the fedex day session::
Background info, blog post: http://bit.ly/jPXFCq
Background info, videolog: http://bit.ly/mjCD2Q
Session results: http://img.ly/5aYn

Regards, Rob

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