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Sponsorship Information

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Offering to Sponsors


For sponsoring 500 € or more we offer the following:

  • Sponsors link on the ACCDE11 website

  • Sponsors will be mentioned in confirmation emails to participants

  • Sponsors will be heartfully thanked at beginning and end of the conference

  • Sponsors will have the opportunity to share one DINA4 sheet of information to the participants conference folders 
  • Sponsors will have the opportunity to provide branded give aways/information at an unattended table at the conference


For sponsoring a complete meal we offer the following in addition:

Sponsors of lunch for one day (~ 1000 €) or one complete day of catering (~ 1200 €) will have the opportunity to preregister participants (at the same time as organizers register themselves).

One reserved place is provided for each complete meal, that means a maximum of four reserved places for sponsors. Reservations for sponsors are intended to avoid the situation that a meal sponsor has no participant at the conference because the tickets sell out too fast, although they wanted to attend.


Further information for Sponsors


Sponsor logos for ACCDE11 website

Take a look at accde11.pbworks.com for appropriate size of logos. We will need a png or jpg image in order to include it to the website.


Sponsor information sheets

Sponsors who want to use that option, are asked to provide 55 information sheets in CW24 to following address:
Seminarzentrum Rückersbach GmbH, z.H. Frau Calabrese for Agile Coach Camp, Kolpingstraße 1, D – 63867 Johannesberg / Ortsteil Rückerbach.
We need your information sheets at least until Friday, 17.06. lunch time, so that we can include them into the participants information folders.


Preregistration for "meal" sponsors (>= 1.000 €)

Sponsors of lunch and/or catering have the chance to preregister one participant. For this purpose we will contact "meal" sponsors and give them a time box to preregister before official registration starts. Regarding position papers and conference costs preregistered participants are handled like normal participants and organizers. That means they have to provide position papers in time and they have to pay for the conference.


Unattended table for give aways and further sponsor information

If you or one of your employees is participating at the conference, you are invited to place branded give aways and information there. We as orgainzers will mention this table at the opening of the conference, but like last year we leave it to self organzation of our sponsors to handle it.



Billing will take place after the event. We as organizers take care that your money is spent wisely. As consequence sponsors will get an overview of the complete event costs and their part they have to cover. Billings will be sent out by the venue Seminarzentrum Rückersbach or infomar software (for expenses not provided by the venue)


Get involved!


To become a sponsor, please contact @martinheider

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