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Taxi Sharing

Page history last edited by Kjell Lauren 11 years, 9 months ago


10:45 Uhr

Arriving to FRA at 10:45 with Marko Seikola, plan to go dowtown for lunch and then catch a train to Aschaffenburg in the afternoon.

Interested in sharing a taxi from Aschaffenburg.

kjell.lauren@ericsson.com and marko.seikola@ericsson.com


11:45 Uhr

Arriving to FRA at 11:45, would be interested in sharing a taxi.



14:00 Uhr

14:34 Uhr I'll arrive with ICE628 from Würzburg. Anyone to share a taxi? -> mail@sebastian-eichner.de / Twitter: @stdout


15:00 Uhr


16:00 Uhr

16:22 Uhr alexander@vanderberg.de arrives in Aschaffenburg and shares a taxi with Wolfgang W.

16:40 Uhr Wolfgang Wiedenroth arrives in Aschaffenburg.

17:00 Uhr

17:22 Uhr Kjell Lauren and Marko Seikola arrives in Aschaffenburg, would be interested in sharing a taxi.


18:00 Uhr

18:34h Gitte Klitgaard Hansen and Sven Röpstorff share a taxi from Aschaffenburg Central Station to the venue, anyone else? (--> sven@agiletransparency.com ) Hey, I would like to join you. Plan to arrive as well at 18.34h. Christine Neidhardt


19:00 Uhr

19:22h Natalia and Aleksey Kolupaev arrive to Aschaffenburg Central Station. (natalia.kolupaeva@gmail.com; kolupaev@gmail.com) Who wants to join and share a taxi?

19:34 - Bernhard Findeiss arriving in Aschaffenburg with ICE 528. Anyone like to join me? -> bernhard.findeiss (at) interface-ag.de

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