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Waiting List

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Waiting List


The following people are currently on the waiting list:


  1. Sara Hester
  2. Collin Rogowski
  3. Andreas Thier
  4. Stefan Büche
  5. Thilo Garke
  6. Claudius Link
  7. Bettina Ruggeri
  8. Marcin Bawołek
  9. Sabine Canditt
  10. Julia Lohrengel
  11. Roland Oehen Kanzow
  12. Dirk Lässig
  13. Christian Dähn
  14. Nikolay Tzonev
  15. Enyo Markovski
  16. Daniel Berger
  17. Alexey Krivitsky
  18. Alek Kozlov
  19. Nancy van Schooenderwoert

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